Baker Paint Safety
  • Full-time Safety Director
  • Manditory weekly safety training sessions
  • Routine inspections of all equipment
  • Frequent random job site inspections

The Baker Paint Safety performance is reflected in its current and past Experience Modification Factor:

EMR Ratings:

2016 - .75
2015 - .72
2014 - .75
2013 - .75

Safety is of the utmost importance on every Baker Paint job. Baker Paint employs a full-time Safety Director who directs weekly safety training sessions. Frequent and random site inspections are performed by Baker Paint’s Safety Director and its field inspectors.

Competent leadership on every job site:

Baker Paint’s lead staff carries 10-hour OSHA Certificates and are trained in CPR and First Aid. Additional on-site training is provided to the team assigned to the job. All OSHA-required daily and weekly inspections are carried out by qualified personnel.


Each Baker Paint van is a fully-equipped mobile paint shop, and the Baker Paint crews are ready to provide the highest level of quality work in the safest possible manner. Every week, ladders, extension cords, first aid kits, safety manuals, Hazard Communication Program, MSDS Sheets, respirators and Fall Arrest Systems are inspected.


Upon request, Baker Paint and Contracting can immediately supply clients with copies of its Safety Program, Hazard Communication Program and Site Specific Hazard Analysis.